Ugala Theatre


Founded in 1920, Ugala is one of the oldest and largest professional drama theatres in Estonia. Its repertoire has something for everyone, from children’s shows and musicals to classical and contemporary drama. Each season usually includes 10 new productions and around 300 performances.

We were asked to develop a visual identity that would give the theatre a fresh feel for the younger generation without intimidating the existing audience.

The logo, designed by Juhan Kanglilaski in 1931, is one of the best examples of Art Deco in Estonian graphic design. So, we gave it a pair of staring eyes and created a typography-based system around it, bringing the logo to life. As print is the main visual communication channel of Ugala Theatre, we designed a dynamic framework to make the message easily understandable, aesthetic and unique.

The result was a visual identity that, in addition to outward communication, reinforced the sense of unity and brand awareness within the theatre.

The poster frame combines different theatre events into one visual language.