Simple Session 19


Simple Session pits best BMX riders and skateboarders of the globe against each other in what has become the contest to watch the biggest and most progressive riding ever. In 19 years, Simple Session has grown from a local competition to an internationally recognized and loved extreme sports event. Every year, it draws more and more foreign competitors and known riders, reaching an audience of millions around the world. Simple Session is a weekend full of spectacular thrills and spills with around 200 top cyclists and skateboarders from all over the world.

Simple Session has an existing design framework of fonts and colours that make finding a solution an interesting challenge.

Marketing Simple Session 2019 began with a teaser campaign on social media and in extreme sports magazines that needed to be eye-catching. For these visuals we used wider views and a typographic pattern found through experimentation, which gave the pictures the effect of moving when combined with the rider.

The actual event getting closer, we started to focus on close-ups, which are more visible and relatable on print advertisements in the city.

We were inspired by old sports posters and especially by the often-dynamic poses of the people on them.

The result is an homage to the participants of Simple Session and the journey that led them to the big event.