Rado restaurant


Rado is a new restaurant located in the Old Town of Tallinn, operated by the experienced chef Rado Mitro and manager Triinu Tapper. Rado and Triinu used to run Rado’s predecessor Ribe, which closed in the summer of 2020. The location of Ribe was so close to Rado and Triinu’s hearts that the brave new owners decided to open their own restaurant in the middle of the pandemic and invited us to be a part of bringing their bold idea to life.

As a starting point for the design, we had the name of the restaurant, its location in a rather dim limestone building, a vision of a new bright interior design and a desire to create a modern restaurant with a constantly changing menu according to the availability of fresh raw ingredients.

Inspired by these components we created a design that reflects the modern, minimalist and open environment of the restaurant, as well as the courage and vision of Rado and Triinu. We chose the colors to be in line with the interior design created by the owners themselves. The graceful font Voyage became the main part of the identity.

A recognizable element is the modular and adaptive combination of the letters RADO, which adds playfulness and takes form according to the shape of the information carrier – be it the edges of a gift card and menu or in the corners of the restaurant window.

Thanks to the hard work done with the team’s own hands, Rado is a place where visitors can feel at home in a warm and inviting atmosphere. The modern restaurant has also brought locals back to the heart of the city and started a bigger change in the mentality of the Old Town. The initial team of four has already tripled and bold new plans are already in the making.