Pallas 100. The Art School and Its Legend


The design solution for Tartu Art Museum’s exhibition “Pallas 100. Art School and The Legend” was based on finding a balance between a contemporary approach and a Pallas-style feel that would direct the focus of the viewer on works, photographs and archival material on display. It was important to dignify the works of art, most of which were completed between 1919 and 1944, and the story of the Pallas Art School. We also paid attention to the fact that this is an exhibition telling a story of an art school that existed in relatively poor and simple conditions, where a large number of works on display are created during the students’ school hours. Although there are such classics with a cult following like Konrad Mägi and Eduard Wiiralt on display, we decided to exclude glamor and excessive subtlety. The materials and furniture used in the exhibition design are inspired in many ways by the Pallas Art School studios.

The book “Pallas 100. Art School and The Legend” was published together with the exhibition to celebrate the anniversary of the legendary school.

Curators: Joanna Hoffmann, Hanna-Liis Kont
Exhibition design: Kaisa Sööt
Graphic design: Valter Jakovski