Future Forum 2021


The first-ever Ülemiste City Future Forum took place in September of 2021 in Tallinn and virtually around the world. A three-day conference focusing on three forward-looking and inspiring key areas—innovation in business models, discovering and developing talent, and a green mindset as a new reality and business opportunity. 

The event featured more than 70 speakers from international and domestic companies; university lecturers, researchers and students; start-ups and talents; representatives of NGOs and cities coming from nearly 30 countries. In addition to the presentations, there were discussions, seminars, future and eco-hacks, workshops, an expo and tours.

The visual concept is a metaphor for the central idea of the conference – to bring together different people and ideas that meet, unite, influence each other in an abstract visual form and whilst doing so create new changing and morphing patterns.

For us, Future Forum was an opportunity to experiment with the newly created Ülemiste City brand – to interpret it in a more playful way, create a unique visual language for the event and to put the brands brightest colours, which would otherwise be used as accents, in the centre of attention. To make it easier to navigate between the main event and the smaller satellites and to connect the forum visually, we used orange lighting and big F-letters to distinguish the areas.