Fashion line: estonian ladies’ fashion 1920–1940


The exhibition offers a look into the life of an urban woman. It focusses on the most important events in her life by way of formal clothes worn during the First Republic of Estonia. The exhibition showcases gems from the textile collection of the Estonian History Museum, helping to understand the cultural processes of the time and showing how closely fashion ideas are tied with the values and spirituality of an era. We were asked to create a graphic design of the exhibition, a catalogue and souvenirs.

We were inspired by Art Deco and the era-based typeface from which we created an interconnecting visual element. In terms of the book, it provided an opportunity to find balance between text-filled and blank pages, and as for the exhibition, this connection proved to be particularly important in getting an optimal solution for a sign system in a small room.

The exhibition had a total of 30,000 visitors. The exhibition catalogue was awarded silver in the Design/Publications, Books and Catalogues category at the 2019 Kuldmuna design awards.

In addition, it was selected as one of the 25 most beautiful books of 2018. The jury: “The design of the book is balanced between empty space and information. The font used on the cover and in the tab titles adds a touch of playfulness to the design.”