Estonian Children’s Literature Centre


The Estonian Children’s Literature Centre (ELK) is the central information institution in the field of youth literature. It collects, preserves, and mediates children’s and youth literature as part of Estonian cultural heritage for research, educational, and entertainment purposes. Through the activities taking place in the beautiful and creative ELK building in the Old Town of Tallinn, visitors are told the story of children’s books from the past to the present, they are inspired to read and to value literature and books.

The Children’s Literature Center approached us with a desire to update their visual identity, which, as a result of the work of many different designers in recent years, had become too unclear. The brand needed to become consistent without losing its playfulness.

It was important for the client that the recognizable main character from the beloved Estonian children’s books Nukitsamees stays a part of the logo. We modernized the logo by making the character simpler and changing the font, and added an internationally usable version.

A key element of the visual identity is a dynamic and imaginative system of illustrations, composed of stylized books and surrounded by abstractly depicted young people. We created a color palette to be used creatively and a clearer font that adds structure.

The end result is a playful yet clear identity for both children and adults.