BY MUKK is an Estonian natural cosmetics brand founded by a mother-daughter duo in Saaremaa. As coastal residents the identity of their home is a big part of the brand, as is also the desire to reduce the amount of plastics in packaging and to use recyclable materials, such as glass and aluminum.

For this project, the original task was significantly different from the result. During our interaction with the customer, we decided to take the wish to have a minimal amount of packaging to the next level.

Honesty is the main source of inspiration for this project. Honesty for nature, honesty for the consumer. Honesty is what led to a minimalist solution, in which the composition is not hidden onto the back in small writing but is the most dominant part of the design.

The package design is also inspired by literature – namely by print layouts of poems. We like to imagine how the natural products are made up of rhymes and happily sign them all “BY MUKK”. The naturality and minimalism of BY MUKK are also seen in the packaging and materials. We used recycled paper and minimized the use of plastics, aiming to eliminate it.

Thanks to the new clean design, packaging and product photos, the repute of the brand of BY MUKK has grown significantly. According to the customer, the recognition of the packaging design in the design landscape also brought significant increases to their sales and social media numbers.

BY MUKK received special recognition at the 2019 Estonian Design Awards in the Packaging/Exclusive and Small Series category. BY MUKK was also given a silver award in the Visual Identity and Packaging categories at the 2019 Kuldmuna awards.