Budopunkt (Budoplace in translation) is one of Estonia’s largest competitive sports, fitness, physiotherapy and training hall equipment retailers.

It was their wish that the branding moved back to its (visual / symbolic) roots. The Japanese word “budo” is often translated as martial arts or warpath. But there are other meanings. The hieroglyph representing the first syllable “bu” consist of two parts, the first of which means either a weapon or violence, and the second the word stop. “Do”, however, means either a way, a goal or a way of life. So it’s not a war path, but a path of peace; not violence, but ending it.

The motif of circle that was already used in their logo, symbolises inner peace and becoming a whole. It gained more importance by becoming the central element for every communication channel. The messages are read vertically to emphasise the origin of their way of thinking. To keep the brand visually fresh long term, we took 100 photos of yoga and martial arts poses for Budopunkt to use.