Anne Veski. A Pop Icon


Anne Veski is an Estonian popstar whose songs have found their way into the hearts and pop culture of Estonians since the 1980s. In addition to her vocal talent, Anne Veski’s appearance has always played a major role in her popularity across borders. Her Nordic beauty and western fashion choices made her a style icon throughout the Soviet Union.

The main challenge in designing the exhibition was striking a balance between presenting the singer’s often colourful stage costumes and record designs from her golden ages without too much kitsch and paying homage to the still actively performing legend.

The exhibition space imposed some restrictions on the design. Anne Veski’s impressively long discography needed to be accommodated in narrow rooms with low ceilings so that the text would be legible and the costumes would have enough room to shine.

For the graphic design and colour scheme of the exhibition, we gathered inspiration from the early Soviet time years of Anne Veski’s career. The text solutions on the walls are inspired by book layouts, the information structure is layered and rhythmic. For the costume texts, it was important that their numbering could be read remotely and added to the composition without creating unnecessary noise.

We used Anne Veski’s signature as a binding element of the advertising and the environment: it is a design element on the exhibition posters, but also the welcoming piece of art of the exhibition.